Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Most Anticipated 2014 Debuts

Since I don't really blog "officially" anymore, I've really let this blog slip. Sorry, friends! I realized today, while I was perusing some of the book blogs I used to frequent, that I hadn't really talked about my reading lately. And if we're being honest, I'm foremost a reader before I'm a writer - after all, I became interested in writing YA because I was reading it (unlike a lot of authors, it seems, who just sort of stumbled upon writing YA).

If you're friends with me on Goodreads, you can keep up with my reading. I initially had a goal of reading 50 books this year, but I ended up deleting the Goodreads challenge because it kept telling me I failed at life.


Anywhosies, today I'm going to be talking about books. Specifically, about 2014 debuts. Because by golly, this is 2014 and our 2014 debut authors are the belles of the ball.

I wrote a post back at the end of last year which featured my most anticipated 2014 releases, but this one is going to be a little different. Debuts only!

Debuts I've Already Read

I've already read a few great debuts I think you should check out. Here were my favorites:

Alienated, by Melissa Landers

Stolen Songbird, by Danielle L. Jensen

Alienated is just so much fun. Cara, the MC, is super sassy and hilarious. I loved the voice of Melissa's writing - she's definitely an author to model in that regard! I can't wait to read the sequel, but sadly, I have to wait a whole YEAR for it.

Stolen Songbird has been on my radar since I saw the deal announced, and I've been anxiously counting the days until I got my hands on it. Y'all. This book is awesome. The blurb reminded me of George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin (one of my favorite books of all time), but Danielle's debut is more romantic and dark than the classic fairy tale. It's also exciting and OMG TRISTAN. Gimme book two right nowwwwww!!!

Wish You Were Italian, by Kristin Rae

Prisoner of Night and Fog, by Anne Blankman

These two might be my favorite 2014 debuts I've read so far. Kristin is my fabulous critique partner, and Wish You Were Italian is honestly one of the cutest books I've ever read. It's fun and flirty and full of Italian goodness. It's like a European vacation packed into 350 pages of cuteness that's sweeter than gelato.

Prisoner of Night and Fog was a huge surprise for me. I was intrigued by the concept (the god-daughter of Adolf Hitler?!), but it was so much more than I could have imagined. The only word I can think of to describe it is "thrilling." Talk about a page-turner! I was glued to this book until I'd finished it, and I can't believe it's a sequel. HOORAY!

Cruel Beauty, by Rosamund Hodge

Elusion, by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam

I think most people have heard of Cruel Beauty by now. I actually read this one back in August because I couldn't wait any longer before I tore into it. It's a dark fairytale that I definitely recommend. The characters were unique, the plot intriguing, and the romance unlike most YA romances out there. I liked that it was a standalone, but I almost wanted there to be a sequel so I could get more about these characters and this world.

The only thing I can liken Elusion to is The Matrix. It's very futuristic and technology-focused, with rich descriptions of this dream world. My favorite scenes were those inside Elusion - it was just so visual. This is the start to an exciting sci-fi series!

Debuts I Can't Wait to Read

Snow Like Ashes, by Sara Raasch

Feather Bound, by Sarah Raughley

Balzer + Bray is my favorite imprint at HarperCollins. They consistently publish a lot of my favorite reads from Harper, so I always pay special attention to their new releases. This one in particular sounds amazing. I love high fantasy, and I love the way this one sounds. The cover is a little Divergent-y, but it's still super cool. Also, Sara seems awesome on Twitter, and obvs I want to read her book. :)

Just look at that gorgeous Feather Bound cover! Like...whoa. Strange Chemistry really outdid themselves with that one. Also, Strange Chemistry is another one of my favorite imprints (part of Angry Robot), and I've really been enjoying recent paranormal releases. Now that paranormal is no longer "trendy," it seems like the ones that are being published are all really high quality and unique. (Not to say paranormals published during the paranormal boom weren't good - I found lots of favorites during that time!) Can't wait to read this one!

Open Road Summer, by Emery Lord

Midnight Thief, by Livia Blackburne

Open Road Summer has a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it. Bloomsbury has been making a huge publicity push for it, and everyone I know who's read it so far has raved about it. The premise of this one sounds amazing, and I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that the book is as great as it sounds.

I really enjoyed the prequel novella to Midnight Thief, which Livia was kind enough to send to me. Also, Hyperion has been publishing some amazing books recently, and I'm always up for finding a new fantasy series to fall in love with.

Push Girl, by Chelsie Hill and Jessica Love

Falling Into Place, by Amy Zhang

Jessica Love is my editor-sister (we share the same fab editor at St. Martin's). Plus, this book sounds amazing. I love this concept - such an important topic and one that isn't represented much in YA (or fiction in general, really).

Continuing the theme of sisterhood, Amy Zhang is my agent-sister. (You guessed it, we share the bestest agent evah.) Plus, her debut Falling Into Place sounds incredible. And the fact that she sold it before even graduating high school? Color me seriously impressed. Amy is intelligent and lovely, and I'm really looking forward to diving into her book.

The Jewel, by Amy Ewing

Salt & Storm, by Kendall Kulper

The Jewel is another high fantasy I'm itching to read. How awesome does it sound, right?! Okay, and is it just me, or does that cover look so much like Kiera Cass's covers? Which is to say it's freaking gorgeous, just like those. Imma need this one ASAP.

How cool does Salt & Storm sound, amiright? I love that it's set in the Pacific Islands and that it's a kind of paranormal we don't see much. I still haven't given up on urban fantasy and paranormal, though publishing seems to have (right now, anyway). I'm really excited for this one.

Illusive, by Emily Lloyd-Jones

The Fire Wish, by Amber Lough

I'm rounding off this list with my two most anticipated 2014 debuts that I haven't read yet. First up is Illusive, which was pitched as X-Men meets Ocean's Eleven. O.M.G. I freaking love heist-y books, and I've recently really been into thrillers. I'm dyinggggg for this one. And that cover is just so freaking cool. Ahhh I needs it! *grabby hands*

I think I've been flailing over The Fire Wish since I saw the deal announcement what feels like forever ago. I've said it a million times, but I'll say it a bazillion more times - Middle Eastern legends and mythology are my FAVORITE, and I wish they were showcased more in YA. There's just so much rich source material to pull from. So when I read the premise of this book, I freaked out. Like, I literally squealed. And I haven't stopped pestering Amber ever since I found her on Twitter. I need this book in my life, people. Like. Right now.

Those are the 2014 debuts I'm most excited for.
Which have you already read and loved?
Which are you hoping to love?
Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

TV of 2014: What Will You Be Watching?

Soooo I may or may not have gone a little crazy looking up new TV shows after I saw this article about pilot locations. I love hearing about new shows! It's like when you read announcements on Publishers Marketplace and get all excited about the new books that will be releasing. Except, we often don't have to wait nearly as long for TV shows as we do books (thankfully).

I thought I'd share some of the TV shows I'm planning on watching later this year, both new and old, and I'd love to hear feedback from y'all about what you're excited for.

Without further ado, here are the returning shows I'm all about:

Returning Shows

Network: The CW

Much to my great satisfaction, the CW's "Arrow" has been confirmed for a third season. Hooray! *throws confetti* It's been a while since I've enjoyed a good comic book show. While I don't think any show can fill the spot "Smallville" left in my heart, this one is coming close.

And just putting it out there: OLICITY NEEDS TO HAPPEN, OKAY?!

"The Walking Dead"
Network: AMC

One of the saddest things ever about moving to England is that I can't watch "The Walking Dead," because AMC doesn't upload it anywhere online. (I KNOW! ARE THEY CRAZY?!) But I know for a fact that I'll be marathoning the heck out of season 4 when it appears on Netflix, and I don't care how many of my favorite characters they kill off or how depressing the show gets, I'll watch until the end.

"The Muskateers"
Network: BBC One

I've made it pretty clear that I'm freaking addicted to this show. I don't even care that they totally messed with the original source material and went crazy with the story and the show doesn't know if it wants to be super serious or just swashbuckling fun. Because honestly, it IS fun, and *ahem* Aramis (i.e. Santiago Cabrera) is very attractive.

BBC has already confirmed that there will be a season 2 of this one, and I'm sooooo excited!

Network: BBC One

BBC has also confirmed that there will be a fourth season of "Sherlock." Excuse me while I go flail a little bit.

As of yet, no air date, but I included it on the list for REASONS.


Those are really the only shows I'm planning on continuing. I've dropped all the others I was watching, including "Almost Human," "Once Upon a Time," and "The Originals," all because I was ridiculously bored. And even Joseph Morgan in all his Klaus hotness couldn't keep me entertained.

New Shows

Network: Fox

I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for this show. It's everything I've wanted in a TV show for like, ever. Here's how Deadline described it: "Set in ancient Egypt, where fantasy and reality intertwined, it follows Ambrose, a notorious thief who is plucked from prison to serve the Pharoah (Reece Ritchie), navigating palace intrigue, seductive concubines, criminal underbellies and even a few divine sorcerers."


Also, hello, John-Rhys Davies is in this show. Gimli, people! GIMLI is in this show. This is most definitely a pilot I'll be checking out. I'm not particularly keen on the fact that the lead is a white guy, but if it's good, I can just grumble about that under my breath and still watch the show.

"The Flash"
Network: The CW

I love tie-in shows when they're done well (*cough* unlike TVD/Originals *cough*), and this one could be awesome. We met Barry Allan/"The Flash" in this season of "Arrow," and he was adorably awkward and sweet. I loved him instantly, so I was painfully excited when I heard that the CW would be filming a pilot of his own show.


I love how the CW is building this DC universe like they did with "Smallville." We can cross our fingers for more cross-overs in the future!

Network: The CW

This one is about a girl who discovers she's related to a wealthy Charleston-based family and that the son could be the only person to donate the organ she needs to live. She is then approached by the CIA to investigate this family and their potential ties to domestic terrorism.

Uhh, yes, please. This sounds like a great thriller. It reminds me kinda of "Revenge" with the whole rich/socialite family aspect, but I love the added terrorism/CIA element. I love a good FBI/CIA/terrorist plot like "24" (and I've heard, "Homeland"), so I'm all over this one!

Network: Fox


Okay okay, I know this is actually a Chief Commissioner Gordon origin story and that we won't actually get to see Batman (but rather a young Bruce Wayne)...but still. It's in the Batman universe. There are Batman villains, like the Penguin, who is the confirmed first villain. The tone is supposed to be noir/gangster-ish. I'm so all over this show.

I never watched "The OC," so I don't have any opinions about Ben Mckenzie the way so many others do. I'm open to seeing him take over the role from Gary Oldman and give us a younger, fresher Jim Gordon. Woohoo!


Those are the shows I'm most excited for. A few others I'll check out, but I'm not sure if I'll watch or not. Those honorable mentions include "Jane the Virgin" on the CW, "Poldark" on BBC One, "Turn" on AMC, and "The Astronaut Wives Club" on ABC.

So let me hear what TV shows you're looking forward to in the fall 2014/spring 2015 season!
Exciting to watch some of the ones I mentioned?
Did I forget to mention your most anticipated?
Let me know in the comments!

Monday, March 3, 2014

If The Girl of Fire and Thorns Were a Kdrama


"YA Meets Kdrama is a meme created and hosted by myself,
Feel free to write your own "YA Meets Kdrama" posts,
but please link back to us.

Typically, for these posts, I cast contemporary romance books, because those are the types of kdramas that I like to watch. Today, however, I'm casting one of my favorite fantasy series. It's The Girl of Fire & Thorns books, by Rae Carson!

*Note: I decided to cast the entire series instead of just the first book, as some of my favorite characters don't really become important or are even introduced until books 2 and 3.


"Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness."

Princess Elisa has been chosen, and she's known since she was born with a jewel in her bellybutton - the Godstone. On her sixteenth birthday, she's betrothed to a king whose country in turmoil and who needs her to be the "chosen one" to help rule over his people. But Elisa thinks she's a failure, and she doesn't know how to be a queen.

But when she's kidnapped from her new husband's country and thrown into the world of revolutionaries, Elisa's life is changed forever. Maybe she's not the helpless princess she always thought she was. If she is going to fulfill the prophecy about her, she'll have to find the power inside her.


UEE as Elisa

Choi Jin Hyuk as King Alejandro de Vega

Yoo Yun Suk as Humberto

Jang Geun Suk as Storm

Moon Geun Young as Mara

 Minhyuk as Hector

About the Casting

This was a hard post to write, since this series is one of my all-time favorites. I wanted to do all the characters justice.

Elisa was particularly difficult, as most kdrama leading ladies are all rail-thin and too pretty to be Elisa, but I chose UEE because she plays more athletic characters and ones that are more take-charge. I think she could play Elisa well, especially if they didn't make her too pretty.

Alejandro is described many times in the book as really attractive. He's also older and has a son, so I wanted to choose a hot older dude. Who better than Jin Hyuk?! He's gorgeous, and I'd love to see him in more dramas after watching him in "Heirs."

For Humberto, I wanted an actor who comes across as really nice and genuine. I'm still reeling over "Answer Me 1994," and I couldn't resist casting Yun Suk in this role. (OMG Chilbongieeeeee *weeps*)

I feel like Geun Suk could play Storm perfectly. He would portray Storm's disdain really well, I think. Just bleach his hair and give him some sandwiches to eat for a few months, and he'd be Storm incarnate.

Mara is spunky and kinda hardcore, so she was another character I had a hard time casting. (It can be difficult finding what Western viewers would think of as "strong" heroines in kdramas, especially in the physical arena.) But I think Geun Young could play this part well.

Hector was *almost* impossible to choose, and I had like three different guys as potentials before I made my decision. But when I was on Tumblr and saw those pictures of Minhyuk, I decided he would be perfect. Because Hector is supposed to be hardcore, amiright? I think BTOB's Minhyuk could be hardcore.

Those are my casting choices.
Agree? Disagree?
Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

All the Ships All the Time

So I feel like I've been having a lot of conversations recently on Twitter and elsewhere about characters I'm shipping (or not). I feel like this is a really fun topic because everyone gets so passionate about their fictional couples. ;-)

Anywhosies, I thought I'd share with you some of the relationships I'm totally into - as well as the ones I'm not really liking.




Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak
From "Arrow"

This is going to be one of those ships that we have to wait a long time for it to sail. It's been building for a season and a half, but I don't know if they'll actually get together by the end of season 2. I'm guessing not. But, dude, THEY ARE SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT! They're really the only not-really-but-should-be-couple that's been well-developed on the show so far, and really, she's the best character. Ergo, they are perfection.

Aramis & the Queen
From "The Muskateers"

I know this is a BBC show, but all my American peeps need to start watching it. Like now. Go ahead, I'll wait for you.

Aramis really has chemistry with everyone on the entire show because he's amazing and his mustache reminds me of Hector from Girl of Fire and Thorns and ZOMG I LOVE HIM! *squeals*

But mostly, I love him with the queen. Like whoa. I was totally not expecting this potential relationship, but now I NEEDS IT!

d'Artagnan & Constance
From "The Muskateers"

Basically, I'm just obsessed with this show right now. It's an issue. And these two are freaking adorable. I've never wanted to sanction fictional cheating so much in my whole life because, hello, her husband is terrible and d'Artagnan is... *ahem* not.

They're end game, I think, but I'm dying for them to just hurry up and get together. Still, the tensionnnnnnnnn! I can't take it!

Klaus and Caroline
From "The Originals" and "The Vampire Diaries"

It FINALLY happened! But I refuse to accept that that was the end. It felt very much like closure, but I AM NOT OKAY WITH THAT! NOT OKAY ONE BIT!

I will go down with this ship, y'all.

Na Jung & Chilbong
From "Reply 1994"

I am 100% not over this. The love triangle is "Reply 1994" seriously pained me. I just loved Chilbong SO. MUCH. *cries*

That's okay, she can keep Trash and I'll keep Chilbong for myself, mkay?

Na Jung & "Trash Oppa"
From "Reply 1994"

And yet and yet and yet...I also totally shipped her with Trash. Like, is that possible, to ship the MC with both guys in the love triangle? Because I totally did!

*le sigh*

Sherlock & Molly Hooper
From "Sherlock"

OMG MY PRECIOUS BABIES! They're killing me. No, seriously.

This is my biggest ship right now. I can't get over them, and I don't care what anyone says, if this doesn't happen, Imma hurt someone.

Moffat has already diverged from the original Sherlock Holmes canon. Why not change it here, too? That's all I'm saying...


Juliette & Warner
From Ignite Me

I can't even.
This book broke me.

So many intense feelings. So. Many.

Perry & Aria
From Into the Still Blue

I read this one back in November, and I'm still not over yet. This was such a great ending to the trilogy, and I loved how the chemistry and tension between Aria and Perry just got better and better as the series progressed. I loved them so much! Eepp!!

Cara and Aelyx
From Alienated

These two are just so cute. I loved their hate-to-love relationship; I'm such a sucker for that kind of romance trope.

I'm also a fan of cross-cultural relationships, and this was DEFINITELY cross-cultural. More like cross-planetary. This book has so much humor and sass and swoon.

Marina & Rue
From Meridian

Pretty positive I'm in the minority here, but I just really like Rue with Marina. Or, I guess I should say Cherish. Tobin is sweet, but there's something really endearing about Rue, I think.

I'm reading this one right now, so I have no idea how it will end. I have my suspicions, though... *clings to Rue*


Laurel & Oliver
From "Arrow"

Blarghhhh make it stoppppppp!!! I really don't like Laurel at all. For one, she's like the disappearing woman. Seriously, in season 2, she desperately needs to eat a sandwich...or five.

Also, I find her really whiny and lacking in any interesting character traits. Besides the fact that Oliver has supposedly loved for like, ever, I'm seeing no positives to this relationship. Also, the actors just don't have good chemistry IMHO.

d'Artagnan & Milady de Winter
From "The Muskateers"

Like, I know how this goes. I know the original. But still. Ewwwww. I mean, she's a great character. Don't get me wrong. I love the whole femme fatale thing. She's totally rocking it.

But I don't ship them. I don't ship them one. bit. *stamps foot*

That's all I've got, folks!
I'm not watching much TV right now
...nor am I reading many books.
Really, I'm just working on writing.

Agree with my picks?
Let me know in the comments!